My life in Lock-down

My life in Lock-down

I must admit that, when lock-down started in March, I did not expect to be in the same situation nearing the end of 2020. As a 75/76-year old blind man with heart problems, I accepted that I was vulnerable and should remain in my home as a precaution. I do spend most of my time in my office, writing both short stories and novels. I do make an effort to exercise for an hour each day. My wife, Aleth, is a fantastic cook and it can be difficult, at times, to stop myself from over-eating. Since I am, also, a borderline type 2 Diabetic, I have to be hard on myself, at times.

Our son, James, and daughter, Kimberley, both, still, live at home, but I do miss my older son, Mathew, daughter-in-law, Linda and grandsons, Daniel and Marcus.

In September, I had my hair cut, after a seven month wait, thanks to Diane, a lady who has been cutting my hair, at my home, for nearly twenty years. It had grown exceptionally long, making me look like a hippy.

Do I miss going out? A little, perhaps, but when I think of the potential dangers of contracting Covid, I am quite content to stay just where I am.

At the end of each day, I love to read talking books from the RNIB library and, typically, read about forty books each year.

My phone is my lifeline and I would really be lost without it. It’s not a smart phone but it a vital means of communication with my friends and relatives. There are three women, all in their mid to late eighties and living on their own, who I make the effort to contact on a regular basis. A twenty to thirty-minute call to them is the best way to uplift their spirits and to let them know that somebody cares about them.

I am incredibly grateful to all the staff within the National Health Service for everything they have done to get us through this terrible pandemic and live in hope that life will soon be back to normal.


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