Coincidence or premonition?

Coincidence or premonition?

During the seventies, I did write another novel, “Q to kill”, yet, after completion, I felt dissatisfied with the end result and have, since, lost the manuscript.

My work at the Health Authority had, fortunately, changed from the drawing board to Computer software developer and coordinator for the Works Department, thanks to the foresight of the new Works Officer, Frank Parsons. I found computing fascinating and, in 1978, formed my own company, Computential. In 1979, I left the Health Authority and worked for a software company in Manchester, but left to work completely for myself in 1980.

During the eighties, I was heavily involved in building up my computer business and had little time for writing.

My eyesight was noticeably deteriorating, having been registered as blind in 1979. I had taught myself to touch-type which proved useful when developing software, although travelling to client’s sites was becoming increasingly difficult.  I did, at this time, have the assistance of a CCTV to enlarge printed text and a speech synthesiser, both of which proved invaluable.

There were many pressures on our marriage and, in 1989, we separated after twenty-two years together.

Fortunately, business was strong and I moved to my present house in Sale. I employed a secretary who was able to assist me with administration and driving me to client’s offices.

By 1991, I was feeling dissatisfied with my solitary life and, encouraged by my secretary, Kate, I started dating.

Somehow, I managed to start writing again and wrote the following short story, A Gift within a Gift, which was also read out on BBC Radio Manchester.

As a footnote to this story, my secretary, Kate had read my work soon after completion and was in shock, a few days later, when she read an article in the local newspaper describing how a boy named Mark, had died under the wheels of a vehicle, after falling off his black bike, the similarities to my story being quite uncanny.


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