Change of Heart

Change of Heart

J. S. Raynor
Copyright : J. S. Raynor  June, 2020

All the White House Aides were fully aware of the dangers of the mass demonstrations over the tragic death of George Floyd, killed by a policeman.

“Mr. President, the demonstrators are very close to the White House and, to protect you, we suggest that you move to the safety of the underground bunker

President Trump was not happy at this suggestion, but could see the sense of it. “Okay, but I want every available resource to prevent these demonstrations getting even worse.”

As soon as he had moved to the safety of his bunker, chief Aide John Bentley smiled and said, “It’s time for Operation Calm. Is he ready?”

“Yes, Sir.

“Good! Time to start.”

The two men walked along the corridor to a little-used room. As they opened the door, Barack Obama greeted them. “Is he safe?”

“Yes, Sir. He will be well looked after in the bunker.” He walked over to a large cabinet against one wall and opened the door. A naked, life-like body shell of Donald Trump was hanging on a rail. He removed it and helped mr. Obama into the suit. Barack was just one inch shorter and about fifty pounds lighter than Trump, yet the body suit would close the gap between the two men.

After the aides had assisted Barack with the shell, he pulled on Donald’s clothes.

“I hope that I can still eat and drink while wearing this?”

“Yes, sir, that has all been taken care of. The voice changer will not interfere with your eating, either.

Donald was relaxing in his bunker, unaware that the food prepared specially for him would make him very drowsy. His television broadcasts to the world from his bunker would never be seen by anybody, yet he would think that he was still in charge of the world.

Meanwhile, the fake President was ready to be seen by the major broadcasters and walked with his loyal staff to the studio within the White House.

The world’s press was stunned by the President’s speech. “I have had time to re-consider my thoughts about the recent tragic events. I was a little hasty suggesting that troops be used against the demonstrators. From today, I would like to see people of all colours treated equally and any person of authority harming someone just because of his colour will be dismissed.”

Barack could see the shock on the faces of those present from the world’s press. He felt, that, if he could convince the world that Trump was a changed man, he might even be re-elected in November, giving him an un-precedented three terms of office

After answering questions from the press, the President continued, “I have just one further announcement. The world has to do something about global warming and air pollution. I have opened my eyes to the dangers of doing nothing. As from today, I intend to reform energy companies to make the world greener.”


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