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My life in Lock-down

I must admit that, when lock-down started in March, I did not expect to be in the same situation nearing the end …

Change of Heart

J. S. Raynor
Copyright : J. S. Raynor  June, 2020

All the White House Aides were fully aware of the dangers of the mass …

Who wants to be British?

Who wants to be British? Synopsis

Following on from the turbulent events described in “A Chronicle of Intimacies”, John Raynor’s luck seemed, at …

See All Evil

See All Evil Synopsis

When British soldier, twenty-four year old Captain Alex McCloud is injured and blinded in Afghanistan during 2011, he is …

The Gaudi Façade

The Gaudi Façade Synopsis

Adam Sheldrake, a young British architect travels to Barcelona for what should be a fairly ordinary holiday.  By chance, …

A Comfortable Death

Copyright J. S. Raynor 2005, 2017

A Comfortable Death – Synopsis

In the land of Ferdinand Marcos you quickly learn to be tough.  Lisa …

A piece of personal history

Here is another piece of personal history, memories of which will haunt me for the rest of my life :

In nineteen forty …

Coincidence or premonition?

During the seventies, I did write another novel, “Q to kill”, yet, after completion, I felt dissatisfied with the end result and …

Delighted to be finally blogging

I would like to welcome everybody to my new Blog and hope that, through these pages, you will all get to know …