End of the Trump Era: Chapter Twelve

Copyright J. S. Raynor 2017

Chapter Twelve : Arrival

Alex, Charles, Cassy and the children were making good headway, their main obstacles being the mass of vehicles which had crashed after their drivers had disappeared. Alex had become quite expert at manoeuvring the car around these obstacles and, when Universal Boulevard came into view, they all cheered, relieved that they had almost completed their strange and eventful journey.

A few minutes later, the entrance gates to the theme park came into view and Alex drove the car at a leisurely pace through the wide opening. As expected, there were no adults to stop them.

Alex wondered where to park the car, but then had an idea. He drove towards one of the big hotels around the park and pulled up close to the building.

“Why here?” asked Cassy.

“We need a base and these hotels must now have plenty of empty rooms. We can carry our boxes of food up to some rooms on the first floor level, so that we can keep the food secure, yet still get out in a hurry if the lifts stop working.”

Charles agreed, thinking of the luxury of the many suites of rooms now available to them all.

Alex and Charles picked a box of food each and ensured that the remainder were securely locked in the boot. The last thing they wanted was to lose their precious provisions to greedy survivors.

The entrance hall at the Hard Rock hotel appeared very spacious and weirdly quiet as there was nobody to greet them. The noticeable thing was the collection of suitcases and piles of shoes and clothes dotted around the large area, presumably abandoned at the instant their owners had disappeared.

Charles walked up to the reception desk, thumped his hand on the hard surface, and said in a demanding tone, “Come on, we need some service around here!”

Alex and Cassy laughed, amused by Charles’ antics. Cassy was puzzled why Charles had dumped his box of food on the reception desk. She said, “You will have a long wait before you can get checked in, Charles.”

A broad smile lit Charles’ face. “I’m pretty certain that all the rooms will only open with authorised plastic cards, so, if we are to have any chance of getting into the rooms, we need a master key. Help me look for the masters, please.”

Cassy and Alex were suitably impressed by Charles’ logical mind. The three of them began to search the drawers in the huge desk.

It was Alex who found the place where a number of master room cards were located. He took six of these cards, hoping that this was all they needed to find comfortable rooms.

Ignoring the lifts, the group climbed the stairs to the first floor.

Looking along the wide corridor, Alex said, “I suggest that we find three rooms next to each other, as it’s better if we stick together.”

They agreed and began trying the key cards for each room. None of the rooms they opened had any occupants, so they took their time until they located three of the superior rooms.

They were quite noisy as they called out to each other and, to add to the noise, Angela was crying quite loudly. Cassy was hoping to get settled quickly and then she would be able to feed the infant.

At this time, Jason, Rebecca and the two children had just returned to the hotel, after collecting some food from the restaurants. They were surprised to hear the new voices as many of the children had not returned to the hotel.

Rebecca, hearing the noise as they entered the lobby area, spoke to Jason. “Let’s go and meet this new group. They sound English.”

He was a little reluctant, but agreed with his sister. They walked to the first floor level, the voices becoming clearer. Alex was just coming out of one room when he spotted the other group. “Hi! I hope these are not your rooms?”

Jason answered. “No, our rooms are on the seventh floor. We heard your voices and wondered who you are.”

Alex called Cassy and Charles to come and meet the other children.

Rebecca asked, “Where were you when all the adults disappeared?”

Cassy answered. “We were on our flight, just approaching Orlando airport. There were only a few survivors as we had to jump before the plane crashed.”

“You jumped?” Jason‘s surprise was very evident. “How did you manage to survive?”

Charles found this situation funny and laughed. “We were extremely lucky. I still find it hard to believe that we survived with only a few scratches.” After a moment’s thought, he continued, “I have to thank Alex for our survival. He was the only person who actually did anything to keep us alive, unlike all those poor devils who were too frightened to jump.”

Alex felt embarrassed by Charles’ words of praise. “I couldn’t have done it without Cassy. She has been a fantastic help. How about you guys? Where were you when the adults disappeared?”

“Nothing as exciting as your experience”, Jason replied. “We had already been here a few days and we were actually in our hotel room when they disappeared.”

Rebecca, seeing her brother blushing with guilt, said, “Since then, we have been helping some of the many children we came across, as well as finding what food we could.” Looking mournful, she added, “I just don’t know what will happen to us when all the food runs out.”

Charles, always the one to lighten the atmosphere, said, “Don’t worry. Between us, we will look for a good supply. There’s plenty of land around here where we can plant potatoes and other vegetables. I don’t suppose Walt Disney would approve, but, what the hell?”

The ginger-haired teenager made the others laugh and, for the time being, their situation did not seem quite so bad.


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