End of the Trump Era: Chapter Thirteen

Copyright J. S. Raynor 2017

Chapter Thirteen : Meeting Point

The two groups had agreed to meet up on the following day to see what was still working in the theme parks. The temperature was in the high eighties as the sun shone relentlessly on the group of British children. They carried snacks and drinks, which they all shared equally, but were all relieved when they were able to move indoors for some of the attractions.

Remarkably, many of the air-conditioned, indoor attractions were still functioning, giving them relief from the intense summer heat.

Alex had been hoping to go on the Dueling Dragons, but, as a high maintenance ride, it stood weirdly silent and un-moving, much to his disappointment.

Hogwarts was, however, still functioning with the voices of the characters from Harry Potter welcoming the groups of children. The normally neat, orderly lines were non-existent, since there were no adults to keep them under control.

Shops in Diagon Alley were fascinating to the group, most of the children pocketing some of the better-tasting sweets. Jason, intrigued by Ollivander’s Wand shop, looked, with interest, at the vast array of wands and wished that these could be used to bring back all the adults.

Everybody laughed when Charles appeared in a Death Eater mask, apart from Danny who looked very frightened. Charles had to remove the mask to ease the little boy’s fear.

The children were excited to see Platform nine and three quarters for the train to Hogwarts, but disappointed to find that the train was immobile and eerily silent. Alex had been a few years earlier and remembered the cacophony of noise in the huge station and longed to re-create the former level of excitement for the Hogwart Express in this magical world.

The group was luckier in Skull Island Reign of Kong area, where they were able to sit in the transport vehicle, supposedly travelling over the prehistoric plains, with images of rare creatures roaming the land, all cleverly achieved by the use of huge television screens taking the place of the vehicle’s windows.

It was late in the afternoon when the group started to make its way back towards their hotel, yet the heat was still baking the ground.

As they neared the hotel, , the group was surprised to hear the sound of, what appeared to be a fairly large vehicle. Uncertain what it may be and what danger it may present, the group hid behind an outbuilding to observe without being seen.

They were amazed when a Greyhound bus drove through the entrance gates into the large, open area, where it jerked to a stop. After a couple of minutes, many children started to emerge from the bus, looking tired, yet obviously very happy and excited.

Alex, Cassy, Charles, Jason and Rebecca decided the newcomers should not present a threat and agreed to meet the newcomers. They approached the bus and were amazed to see just how many children had been crammed into the bus. Alex spoke first, saying “Hello! Where are you all from?”

He felt that their appearance was probably South American and this was confirmed as the children were chattering. Three older boys climbed down from the bus and walked up to the British group. They were Pepe, Jose and Raffaele, all looking tired yet very happy.

“Who drove the Greyhound bus?”, asked Charles.

Pepe answered. “My name is Pepe and I did, together with my friend, Jose.”

The British children were impressed. “Where have you all come from?” asked Charles.

“Mexico City. It has taken us three days for us to travel two thousand miles.”

“That’s amazing”, said Alex. “I don’t think I could have driven such a great distance.”

Soon, the groups of children were chatting, most of the Mexican children being able to speak some American.

Charles found the situation quite amusing. “Trump would be hopping mad to know that you had arrived in America, but, thankfully, he is no longer around to stop people doing just what they want.”

The conversation turned to the theme parks and the British children told the Mexicans how many of the attractions were no longer working. This did not seem to dampen their enthusiasm and the large group of children started to investigate just what was still working.


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