End of the Trump Era: Chapter Fourteen

Copyright J. S. Raynor 2017

Chapter Fourteen : A Deadly Conclusion

Jason was really depressed. Much as he liked America and Universal Studios in particular, he could not envisage spending the rest of his life in this artificial world designed mainly for children.

It had been a relief to meet Alex, Cassy, Charles and, now, around sixty Mexican children, yet this still did not lift his sorrowful mood.

Wondering what his future held, he walked slowly with Rebecca and Peter towards their hotel room. It did, at least, give them some continuity by returning to the same place where their strange situation had started, just three days earlier.

Jason flopped onto his bed, his depression very evident. He still blamed himself for the demise of the adult population throughout the world.

Rebecca, by contrast, was more optimistic, feeling that, somehow, the world would survive and, hopefully in the not too distant future, would return to one of normality.

Noticing just how messy their room looked, she began clearing the piles of food cartons and bottles, taking them to one of the empty rooms.

As she was tidying her parents’ room, her eyes fell on a newspaper lying on a cabinet at the side of the bed.

She felt certain that her Dad had been reading this at the time he had disappeared and just wanted to satisfy her own curiosity.

The paper was folded to highlight one particular article.

This described how over ten thousand scientists, from all over the world, after many years of development and testing, were about to switch on the new FCC, Future circular Collider, in Cern, Switzerland. This one hundred Kilometer circular collider will create billions of Higgs Bosons and trillions of quarks, creating new opportunities to study rare decays and flavor physics, benefitting from higher collision energies.

All this, operating at minus two hundred and seventy-one degrees Celsius, would help scientists to understand the dark matter which accounts for around twenty-five percent of the visible universe and the prevalence of matter over anti-matter.

A British scientist, Professor Jeremy Bollinger, together with other eminent scientists, had serious doubts about the safety of such experiments and had been trying, in vain, to prevent the switch-on of the FCC.

Through his studies, Bollinger had discovered that the probable effect of the most-powerful collisions of sub-atomic particles would be either to completely destroy or transfer matter through worm-holes to outer parts of the universe or even other dimensions.

Younger, still developing humans may possibly survive, but, of one thing Professor Bollinger felt certain that all mature human tissue would disappear instantly, without trace, leaving only juveniles in charge of the world.

Rebecca called Jason over to look at the newspaper article. Both were stunned and amazed to discover that the switch-on of the FCC had been scheduled for Monday, twenty-ninth of July, two thousand and nineteen, the day that all adults had suddenly disappeared.


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