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JS Raynor, AuthorJohn S. Raynor is a blind writer based in Cheshire. His first published work, “A Comfortable Death” is based, in part, on the childhood experiences of his wife, Aleth, who was born in the Philippines. After a great deal of research into the history of her country, he turned the experiences into a touching, yet thrilling novel, featuring the stunningly beautiful Lisa Tiguelo. He intends to release more books following Lisa’s experiences.

The Gaudi Façade is set in the year 2012. When I wrote it in 2006, I referred to David Cameron as the Prime Minister – thankfully, my prediction was correct. The Gaudi Façade was inspired by the comments of a travel guide, while John was on holiday in Barcelona. This is a romantic thriller, with Adam Sheldrake and Caterina Fonteras as the main characters and is also available in eBook format.

My interest in becoming an author and creative writing began in 1971, before I lost my sight. I would use travelling time to scribble ideas, but I had little time to create anything substantial until the 90’s.

I was thrilled when two of my short stories, using my pen-name of Christopher Carr, were broadcast on Radio Manchester in 1991 and this encouraged me to spend much more of my time writing. Sometimes, I have no idea where the story-line comes from and am convinced that I am writing with the assistance of spiritual guidance together with a tremendously vivid imagination. I am very critical of my own work and, when it is read back to me by my speech synthesiser, I will edit the text until it really sounds just right. I have many ideas for short stories, television dramas and novels and hope to continue writing as an author for as long as possible.

In July, 2011, I joined the RNIB (Royal National Institue of Blind People) Talking Book Library Service and this has opened up a new area of my life.  I can now enjoy reading a great variety of books from Harry Potter to the best known thrillers.  As a writer myself I feel that I would like to assist the RNIB to add further titles to the library as production costs are expensive.  To this end, I am donating the royalties from my children's E-book stories, "Who's got talent?", written under my pen name of Christopher Carr, to this deserving charity.

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