See All Evil

When British soldier, twenty-four year old Captain Alex McCloud is injured and blinded in Afghanistan during 2011, he is flown back to the U.K. for treatment at the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham.

A Comfortable Death

This is the story of Lisa Tiguelo, born in the Philippines on the inauguration day of Ferdinand Marcos.

The Gaudi Facade

Adam Sheldrake, a young British architect travels to Barcelona for what should be a fairly ordinary holiday.

A Chronicle of Intimacies

The year was 1991 and John Raynor’s life was a mess. At forty-six, two years after separating from his wife, he was living on his own and the future seemed very bleak.

Who Wants to be British?

Following on from the turbulent events described in “A Chronicle of Intimacies”, John Raynor’s luck seemed, at last, to be turning in his favour.

Welcome to the official website of author J.S. Raynor

“If you love reading, as I do, then there is quite a choice of works on this site.” J.S.Raynor.

From intimately-personal autobiographies, to action thrillers and even children’s short stories, I hope that you will find something of interest.

Although I started writing in the 1970’s, when I was in my thirties, it was 1990 before I wrote on a regular basis.  When two of my short stories were read out on Radio Manchester in 1991, it encouraged me to spend more time creating stories.  A vivid imagination is one of my best assets, together with a dogged determination to finish the work and get on to my next project.

Since starting reading Talking Books in 2011, I have read, on average, forty books each year and quite a number of these are over twenty hours playing time.

It gives me fantastic enjoyment to read stories from such great authors as Lee Child, Stephen King, Nelson Demille, Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum, Gillian Flynn, James Herbert and many others.

The superb narrators on these talking books make the enjoyment complete and I intend supporting the RNIB by sponsoring more books in the future.

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